Mirakla, the power of our spiritual energy

The power of prayer

The power of our spiritual energy is a gift that we can share and that could help feeling closer. If you are in need of a prayer or if you can offer yours, stop, elevate your soul and enter our spiritual community.

Mirakla is offering itself as a prayer and community gathering, aiming at helping the spiritual growth while living a virtual worldwide prayer experience.

Open to all those who wish to give their own spiritual energy while receiving the one put at disposal by other people, hence overcoming loneliness and getting over any physical, linguistic or geographical barrier.


If you want to request a prayer for yourself or a dear one, have access to this section: you'll be able to enter your request filling out a specific form and inserting the data concerning the intention you are asking help for.


Have access to this section to see who has asked for help: you'll be able to see the intentions submitted from the whole world, thus deciding to participate offering your own prayer.

Latest prayer requests submitted
- Luisa asks for a prayer for family harmony in favor of Luisa e Andrea

(requested entered on 9-21-17 at 10:37 pm UTC - location )

- Luisa asks for a prayer of praise and thanksgiving in favor of Dio

(requested entered on 9-19-17 at 10:33 pm UTC - location )

Universal breath

The praying impulse is universal: there is no present or past culture without any sort of prayer. Even an atheist while meditating is performing an act that helps the community, is somehow praying. Praying is to express oneself, it is as natural as breathing or even more. Throughout the act of praying or meditating we elevate ourselves and we get in touch with the whole universe, whatever our culture or religious faith is, because prayer belongs to the whole human race.