Mirakla, , become Amiko you too

Amiko is friendship

Amiko in Esperanto means "Friend" and friendship means affection, sharing, trust and mutual support. If you mean to devote time and spiritual energy helping the ones who ask for help, become Amiko: you'll be able to receive e-mail requests for prayer as soon as they're entered on our web-site.

Thus, without having to connect each time, an Amiko affiliate will be able to participate being updated on the prayers of the day.

Please click on the link below and fill in the registration form. Once your e-mail address is verified, you'll start receiving notifications of prayer. If you already subscribed and you wish to unsubscribe or to modify your data, follow this link.

(Enter your name or your web-site or your group of prayer address)

(Enter your e-mail address to receive the requests of prayer; this record won't ever be displayed; if you don't receive any e-mail, check your Spam folder)

Available options

The registration form to become an Amiko member lets you customize your profile choosing between several options. As far as the "Frequency notice" parameter is concerned, you may choose between the option to receive notice of the requests of prayers while they're being entered (a different e-mail for each prayer request will be sent) or on a daily basis (just one e-mail summarizing the last 24 hours intentions). Concerning the "Praying Ways" parameter, you may choose between the option to commit to pray for any notice (therefore for any received request, without having to explicitly accept) or to decide each time for which intentions you mean to pray (the e-mail notice will show a link for each intention, to be clicked to confirm the prayer). Such parameters may always be modified or deleted, just filling in the specific amendment form.