Mirakla, offer a prayer

Offer your prayer

In this section you may see all the prayer requests from all over the world.

If you decide to offer your prayer for one of those requests, click on the "Prayer Offer" sign next to the chosen intention; the applicant will know that one more person in the world is praying for him or her.

Do not add a prayer if you don't really mean to pray at present; if instead you do, close your eyes, elevate your soul mighty and sincerely praying for the one who asked for help.

Luisa asks for a prayer of praise and thanksgiving in favor of Dio
Received prayers: 39
Location: Request entered on 9-19-17 at 10:33 pm UTCPRAYER OFFER!
ID number: 2304Deadline on 9-23-17 at 04:03 pm UTC

Luisa asks for a prayer for family harmony in favor of Luisa e Andrea
Received prayers: 34
Location: Request entered on 9-21-17 at 10:37 pm UTCPRAYER OFFER!
ID number: 2305Deadline on 9-25-17 at 03:37 pm UTC