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Mirakla, the answers to your doubts

The word MIRAKLA means something prodigious, holy, in the universal Esperanto language. Prodigious as being able to unite in just one virtual community the power of prayer. Holy as being able to connect people suffering and in need with all those other people who, even abroad, wish to give their spiritual energy. In this section we introduce you to our answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the purpose of the site?
Mirakla aims at creating a virtual prayers community, where who is in need and who wishes to help offering prayers are brought together, overcoming any distance and linguistic or cultural barriers. The idea is to convey the power of prayer on the net, to give people a tool to spiritually meet through prayers.

Do I have to pay to use the available services?
No, our services are completely free of charge. If you wish to help the project to grow, you may make a donation and visit the "Support us" page.

How can I ask for a prayer?
You may simply fill in the form available in the "Ask for Prayer" section. No registration or personal records are requested; you choose what you want to enter, your privacy is fully respected.

Who is going to see my request and who shall pray for me?
Your request is going to be immediately visible on-line and thus worldwide readable. At present the following languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Our goal is to widen as much as possible the community area. Furthermore, an immediate e-mail notification will be sent to all Amiko members who committed to dedicate their own prayers to our community.

How can it be understandable in the whole world?
The database consisting of prayer requests and offers is continuously fed by worldwide users. Even though it gathers data through interfaces and masks in the local language, there's a single data base and collected information is managed at a central level. The list of prayers is thus common, although represented throughout screenshots in the local language. This enables anybody to have access to the site easily, without any language barrier while enjoying the power and participation of people from all over the world, allowing a true community prayer that gets over any distance or linguistic barrier.

How may I offer a prayer?
Having access to the "Prayer Offer" section, it will be possible to see all existing requests as well as to decide for which intentions to offer your own prayer. Just clicking next to the selected intention, the prayer counter will add a unit, thus recording your prayer commitment. If you wish to constantly dedicate your prayer vow, you may become an Amiko member and receive e-mails reporting the requests as soon as they're submitted by the applicants.

May I receive e-mail requests?
Yes, it is possible becoming Amiko members. Anyone wishing to help people in need may also offer prayers in a constant way. Please visit the "Become Amiko" section for more information and to fill in the subscriber form.

How long is my prayer request going to be visible on the web-site?
Each prayer request will be visible on the site for at least 3 days. A mechanism expanding such period is also foreseen in order to maintain the availability of the prayers of major interest within the Community. The publication expiry date is also delayed consistently with the received prayer offers.

How are personal records registered while using the site?
Registered personal records, such as e-mail address, shall be kept with the highest privacy; you may read on the subject our Privacy Form..

How are prayer requests sorted?
The requests for prayer in the "Prayer Offer" section are sorted by the number of prayers received. This helps highlighting more global intentions of the highest interest within the community. The subscriber may promote his or her own initiative passing the word on or through any other electronic mean to invite as many people as possible to join the prayer for the requested intention.

How can I divulge my own prayer intention or promote Groups of Prayer?
The one who's asking for a prayer may wish to involve as many people as possible under the prayer intention. Both personal requests as well as gathering a Group of Prayer for a moment of collective spiritual meeting may be spread through e-mails, blogs, forums, social networks etc. In order to univocally identify your own intention, upon entering the prayer request, an identity number coupled to it shall be displayed while you'll receive an e-mail with the link pointing to your request, to be divulged or to invite friends and acquaintances to join the prayer.

Is there any way to prevent that people filling in a prayer request keep clicking the "Prayer Offer" function key to be displayed within the top positions?
Given that those who act in such a way do not fully understand Mirakla, we tried to dishearten this kind of behavior establishing a laps of time between a request and the following one, during which time it's not possible to add received prayers to the counter.

CHow can I support the Mirakla project?
The project was built without financing entities or members. On many aspects it consequently started choosing the cheapest solutions. If you like the idea and wish to support the project, do help us, as also described in the "Support us" section, dedicating your time, prayers or sending a money offer that shall exclusively be used in developing further the project.

What is the "Feed-back" section for?
Our feedback section was built to gather your own experiences related to the use of the site and to share large and small graces received through our community prayer. The energy and power of prayer put us in touch with the Absolute and may be able to modify our everyday life. Once this happens, do write it in this section, share your own emotions so that we all can take advantage from it.

How can I contact you?
For any doubts, hints, criticisms or suggestions you may write us at the mirakla@mirakla.org address. We kindly ask you to write in English.