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The MIRAKLA project comes from the idea of being able to use new technologies as a service to faith and prayer. At present it doesn't have any sponsor and it's exclusively based on the founding members efforts. It is possible to help developing the MIRAKLA project in several ways: Amiko Members: the ones who wish to participate throughout their own prayer; they'll receive e-mail requests for help and they commit to help with their prayer; Promoter Members: the ones who wish to dedicate their time to the project, divulging the idea, promoting the web-site content and finding new members; Supporting Members: the ones who mean to support the project from an economical point of view, making a small but relevant donation in favor of MIRAKLA. Offering shall be exclusively used to cover functioning costs and, if possible, to improve the web-site structure and have it become known to as many people as possible. Actually, MIRAKLA may work in a more and more compelling way increasing the number of users and reaching a large group of worldwide potential users. This involves a relevant economic effort for the web-site translation in new languages, for developing technologies allowing the use of tablets and mobiles, for the web marketing campaign aiming at involving an increasing number of visitors.


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