Do you need a prayer?
Stop, you are not alone!

The power of our spiritual energy is a gift that we can share and that could help feeling closer;
if you are in need of a prayer or if you can offer yours, stop, elevate your soul and enter our spiritual community.

The power of prayer

The idea is to convey the power of prayer on the net, to give people a tool to spiritually meet through prayers.

Our statistics

We do realize that the prayer energy has a spiritual power that goes beyond any measurement attempt.

Spiritual journeys

This section is under contruction: it will be a portal dedicated to spiritual journeys and religious tourism.

Help our project

If you like the idea and wish to support the project, do help us dedicating your time, prayers or sending a money offer.

The power of prayer

Graph showing the strength of prayer relative to intentions inserted in the last days. Currently the force is . The values are derived from the analysis of prayer texts carried out by artificial intelligence models, highlighting the overall strength of the contained emotions.

Feelings monitor

The sentiment monitor, through an advanced technology, carries out an analysis related to the texts of the prayers inserted in the last 24 hours highlighting the prevailing sentiment on a scale of -100 (negative feeling, for example sadness, anger, etc.) to +100 ( positive feeling, for example joy, happiness, etc.).

Ask for a prayer

If you want to request a prayer for yourself or a dear one, have access to this section: you'll be able to enter your request filling out a specific form and inserting the data concerning the intention you are asking help for.

Offer a prayer

Have access to this section to see who has asked for help: you'll be able to see the intentions submitted from the whole world, thus deciding to participate offering your own prayer.

Let's keep in touch

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