The miraculous Medal

It brings love, grace and protection to those who carry it with them

The miraculous medal

The miraculous Medal

In 1830, in Paris, in rue du Bac 140, a novice of the convent of the daughters of the charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Sister Catherine Laboure ', had a series of apparitions of Our Lady. It was in the night between 18 and 19 July 1830 that, according to his own story, Sister Laboure 'was led by an angel in the chapel of the Mother House. Li 'saw the Madonna for the first time and spoke with her for a long time. This first appearance followed other meetings between September and December of the same year. In one of these apparitions, that of November 27, 1830, Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent, Our Lady asked her to coin a medal according to precise indications: this medal would bring love, grace and protection to those who had brought it with self'.

Sister Caterina Laboure 'was canonized in 1947 and the Chapel of the Apparitions became a place of worship beloved by the faithful. The medal was coined and already two years later, when a cholera epidemic broke out in Paris in 1832, the Sisters distributed several copies. These medals led to miraculous healings and, consequently, also to various conversions. It was so 'that soon after was given the name of miraculous but today is also known as the Madonna delle Grazie or medal of the Immaculate. The miraculous medal was coined in the spring of 1832 by the goldsmith Vachette. The first 1500 copies were approved by Sister Laboure 'and put on the market on June 30, 1832. In just a few months, the medal enjoyed unprecedented diffusion: in the first ten years more than 100 million copies were minted in France and today, according to estimates, several billions are circulating all over the world.

The medal of the Immaculate Conception is a summa of the mysteries of the Christian faith and the strongly symbolic meaning of its iconography is enriched by the miraculous prayer that Sister Caterina Laboure asked to engrave. According to the story of the saint, the vision of November 27th took place in two phases. In the first phase the nun saw what would later become the recto of the coin: the Madonna appeared to her on a globe on which a snake was wound, a classic Christian symbol of the devil or of evil. At the height of his heart, a small golden globe symbolizing, according to the very words of the Virgin, every believer and the whole world, offered to God. From the hands of the Virgin, Saint Catherine Laboure saw down on the globe below bundles of light, symbol of graces, hence the name attributed to the vision of Madonna delle Grazie. In a second moment, around the Virgin appeared the words of the miraculous prayer, "O Marie, concue sans peche", priez pour nous qui avons recours a 'vous "(O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that we resort to You).

In a second phase of the apparition, Sister Caterina told her, the image that would become the verse of the coin appeared to her: in the center appeared an initial M of Mary, with at the top a cross and at the bottom the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the first crowned with thorns and the second pierced by a sword, symbol of the sharing of passion.

According to the story of the saint, it was the voice of the Madonna to ask her to coin a medal that could reproduce that apparition: that medal would protect all those who had placed faith and hope in it. All those who had carried it around their neck would have received great graces from the Virgin. Only in the phase of coinage, 12 stars were added around the Virgin on the recto of the coin, symbol of the 12 tribes of Israel and of the 12 apostles.

The miracle of the apparition was kept secret from Sister Caterina until her death: the saint showed up to the last day of her life the profound humility and simplicity that had characterized her since she was a child. It was probably for this reason that he was chosen for the accomplishment of this miracle. St. Catherine Laboure 'is remembered on December 31 but every November 27, at 17.00, we remember the apparition reciting a petition to the Medal of the Immaculate and reciting the miraculous prayer. With Mirakla, you can recite the miraculous prayer and share the power of prayer with people from around the world. If you want to recite the miraculous prayer for yourself or for a loved one, access this section: you can insert the request by filling out a special form and entering the data related to the intention for which you are asking for help.