Offer a prayer

View requests for help, raise your soul and offer a prayer

Mirakla, offer a prayer

In this section you may see all the prayer requests from all over the world. If you decide to offer your prayer for one of those requests, click on the "Prayer Offer" sign next to the chosen intention; the applicant will know that one more person in the world is praying for him or her. Do not add a prayer if you don't really mean to pray at present; if instead you do, close your eyes, elevate your soul mighty and sincerely praying for the one who asked for help.

Universal breath

The praying impulse is universal: there is no present or past culture without any sort of prayer. Even an atheist while meditating is performing an act that helps the community, is somehow praying. Praying is to express oneself, it is as natural as breathing or even more.

Our true essence

Throughout the act of praying or meditating we elevate ourselves and we get in touch with the whole universe, whatever our culture or religious faith is, because prayer belongs to the whole human race.


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